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Stacking Rings

How do I choose rings to create a stack?

Our stacking rings collection, like our Keepsake range, has been designed to give you creative license when choosing your jewellery. We have over 150 rings in the collection so we wanted to share with you the things we think about when creating stacks to help get your own inspiration!


One of the most important things that can play a part in what jewellery we wear is sentimentality, and the jewellery symbolising something more. Maybe it’s there to remind you of a loved one, or given by friend. Harriet at Virtue London remembers the first stack she created: “Before I worked for the company I was out having lunch with my Mum and my Grandma and came across the stacking rings in a gorgeous shop near my home. I began playing around with the rings and putting things together and so my Mum and Grandma decided to buy me the Faith ring, because it’s my middle name. I loved the ring and it held a lot of sentimental value for me because it reminds me of them, and the importance of family. Then I added to my collection with Wisdom, because it’s my birthstone and Forever because it symbolised strength for me. So overall, the stack I created was about reminding me of the important things in life, and I love wearing it every day.”


Getting a stack to look ‘right’ can depend on what stones you’re looking to include. Really, there’s no ‘right’ way of doing this because it’s all up to you! We’ve done a bit of everything with our stones and there are plenty to choose from in the collection.

Go for one type:


In our Billionaire stack (above) we went for just CZ stones on every ring to create a glamorous, expensive look and a stack that would glitter in the light

Choose a colour palette:

Always and Forever

Decide on a specific colour you like, or that means something to you, and then choose rings to fit that palette, like in our beautifully purple Always and Forever stack (above)

Go crazy:

All That Glitters

Or, just go crazy and mix it up to create a vibrant, individual look, like our All That Glitters stack!

Metal Colours

Our stacking rings come in silver, gold and rose-gold so you might want to think about mixing up the metal colours when creating your stack – it’s definitely something we’ve been starting to do more as we’ve expanded the range. The different metal colours create a beautiful effect like in our Bouquet stack below.  Watch out for new silver and rose-gold stacks in our latest collection coming soon:



A lot of our stacking rings have patterns on the bands and adding one or more of these types of rings into your stack can really give it some depth and texture.

Just one:

Pretty In Pink

Our Pretty in Pink stack uses the colour palette idea, plus a textured Chenille ring to add just a little something to the stack.

Or more:

Black Velvet

But why stop at one? Our Black Velvet stack incorporates both the Garland and Follow Your Heart rings to give it some real depth.

Can’t choose? Don’t worry!

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what to put together. You can get started by buying just one ring and then adding to your collection, or you can look through the stacks we’ve already created to see what takes your fancy.

Is there a story behind your stack collection? We’d love to hear it! Please email us at telling us about your stack collection.



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